Spotlight: Jasmin Canfield

How many years have you been a Piedmont Family?

Jasmin: We have been at Piedmont Avenue Elementary since Joaquin was in kindergarten, so 5 years.

How many kids do you have, have enrolled at PAES and what are their grades?

Jasmin: I have one child (Joaquin) in the fourth grade, shout out Mr. Coleman!

What qualities do you think make PAES a great school?

Jasmin: Piedmont Avenue Elementary is a terrific school for so many reasons! The faculty is awesome, many of them are alumni themselves. Also, the diversity of this school is one of the reasons that I knew that it was a perfect fit for my family. Lastly, the parents here are caring, thoughtful, and fun! Piedmont Avenue Elementary is simply amazing!

What motivated you to join the PTA?

Jasmin: I initially joined the PTA to help with planning the Halloween carnival. What I found was that participating really made me feel good and all the while we were also supporting the students at the school to enjoy and participate in extracurricular activities.

What has been your favorite PTA project/event?

Jasmin: I love Halloween and PAES does it right! And the dances (all of them) are super fun! I really enjoy any event that the kids have a great time.

What has most surprised you or what have you learned by joining the PTA?

Jasmin: I was pleasantly surprised about how much the other PTA members will jump in and support. When I was pregnant, I was on the board, and I just couldn’t do what I planned to do. The other board members were amazing and truly helped to support me when I couldn’t do the tasks, without judgement or resentment. 

Do you have a dream PTA project?

Jasmin: I would really love to have a Lego (or Brick) Engineering STEM program at our school in addition to all the other extra curricular activities (African Dance, Oakland Youth Chorus, and Music) at Piedmont Avenue Elementary.