Paloma Ordaz-Perez

My name means 'dove' in Spanish.

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1. Cleveland Cascade

I got to see where the fountain used to be and it was really pretty.

2. Champions For Humanity Monument

All the sculptures looked really cool.

3. 'There' Sculpture

It was really cool and colorful and different stroke-like lines... almost like paint.

4. Jack London's Cabin

I liked the cabin because I liked to see inside of it, the snow shoes and the lantern. I could see inside his house.

5. Lake Merritt Monster

It was really fun and I really liked the design. I had fun climbing on it.

6. It's All Good Bakery

I think it was really cool that I could be there, a place where the Black Panthers were.

7. Gnomes of Oakland

It was really fun to find all the gnomes. the first one was my favorite because it was a COVID scientist and the scientist is supposed to be trying to figure out a vaccine. My other favorite was a gnome on a zoom call.

8. Marcus Books

I really liked the mural because it was cool to see all the books and also people on there. One of the books I got was called 'Dragons In A Bag.'

9. Children's Fairyland

I really like Children's Fairyland because it's really, really, really fun there. I think my favorite part is the Dragon Slide.

10. Key Route Plaza

I liked the mural except it has a big window in it. I think it's cool that it was a train station and that we could see where they gave out the train tickets.

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