Owen Shelton

I am in 2nd grade at Emerson. In Mr Limata's class. I like riding my bike around Oakland!

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1. Marcus Books

It was easy to find because it's really close to my house and my mom knows where it is. I got a comic book!

2. It's All Good Bakery

I really wanted to go in but the line was super long. I want to eat their 7Up cake!

3. Oakland gnomes

I saw these gnomes on the Cleveland Cascade steps. I just saw them out of the corner of my eye.

4. Cleveland Cascade

I saw the steps from the street. It was easy to find. I liked running up and down the steps.

5. Lake Merritt Monster

I love climbing on the monster. I've climbed on it before.

6. Fairyland

I used to go to Fairyland when I was a little kid. I liked the dragon slide.

7. Champions of Humanity

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