Odel Katz

Hi I'm Ody, I'm in 2nd grade and I love dogs.

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1. It's All Good Bakery

When I got to It's All Good Bakery, first a bart train
passed. Then when I got into It's All Good Bakery, I noticed a gumball machine, cakes, and pastries. I thought it was cool that people in the Black Panther o organization used to gather there.

2. Key Route Plaza

I've passed Key Route Plaza a lot but I didn't know that it was a historic place. I never read the
sign that said it was a historic place. I thought it was weird that a train used to go through that place and now there are restaurants there.

3. Marcus Books

The first thing I saw when I got to Marcus Books was a spray painted wall. It was pretty cool! I was able to pick out a book, so I chose Down To The Last Out because I love baseball.

4. Remember Them Sculpture

The Remember Them sculpture had a lot of people
that changed the world. I liked learning about all of the famous people in the sculpture.

5. Jack London's cabin

The cabin was REALLY old!!!!!!!!!! I think it was cool that the cabin was only built by only 1 person.

6. Cleveland Cascade

When I went to the Cleveland Cascade I ran up and down the stairs. It was a lot of work. I never new that there used to be water where the plants are now.

7. Gnomes of Oakland

I think the Gnomes of Oakland where hard to find.
It was cool that the gnome was right next to a mushroom.

8. Fairyland

I was surprised that fairyland was open.
I wanted to go inside but I couldn't.

9. The Lake Merritt Monster

I had fun jumping off the top of the Lake Merritt Monster. It was really easy to find because I ride my bike around Lake Merritt a lot.

10. There Statue

The There Statue was hard to find. When I finally found it I was excited. It was cool that the There Statue was in water.

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