Mackenzie Swann

My name is Mackenzie and I am 5 and half years old. I am in kindergarten. I am excited to raise money for my school by doing this scavenger hunt to learn more about the history of Oakland.

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1. Key Route Plaza

It was easy to find and cool to learn about the first speed train that started here.

2. "There" sign

This was cool but it was hard to see because they put up a gate around it.

3. Lake Merritt Monster

This was pretty easy to find. It also had a slide that I had fun on.

4. Children’s Fairyland

This was easy to find because I always come here to have fun.

5. Cleveland Cascade

This spot had so many big steps. I really got tired walking to the top.

6. Remember them: champions for humanity

I went to this landmark with my grandma and we had lots of fun.

7. Its all good bakery

This place was fun because I got a piece of chocolate cake and it was yummy

8. Marcus books

My grandma also took me here and we had fun seeing the mural on the wall

9. Jack london's cabin

This place was cool because I got to look inside the window.

10. Gnomes of Oakland

I didn't know where to find any gnomes but then my daddy found this and we were so excited.

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